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Skimpy Swimwear

Candy Painted Shortie-alls

$225.00 USD

Talk about a REMIX! We took everybootys favorite shorties and turned them into overalls. They are sooo sexy, yet still has that playful feel to them. They fit like they were painted on you. You can Google all you want, but you'll never find anything like these. SHORT and SWEET, they are definitely a must have to your swimwear collection. 

Okay, so the deets... 

These shortie-alls come in two color ways so far. This one is the rainbow version. Just like our lowrider inspo, these bad boys will have you lookin' like you have a beautiful candy paint job on your body. Bold bright colors with a shimmery coat so you are sparkling in the sunshine. Rainbow denim fabric with limited stretch to maintain it's shape in water. The shortie-alls are lined with a Navy Blue 4 way stretch breathable fabric. Matching Navy Blue spaghetti string that ties around the body to keep your Skimpy secure while you stunt. Full shirring on the booty to accentuate that peach. Finished with custom Skimpy hardware. Antique brass buckles on each strap with custom Skimpy “S” buttons and a matching button on the waistband. 14K Gold plated cord ends on the spaghetti strings and a 14K Gold plated Skimpy Plate on the mini pocket. 

We are SO excited about these! Get them while you can because these are limited edition. 

** Due to the limited stretch in the fabric, order one size up. This fabric is intended for swimwear but has minimal stretch to maintain it's shape in water **

** Pre order- Ready to ship 07/2019 **


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