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We are a global destination for fashion-forward swimwear inspired in Los Angeles and made in Los Angeles. Designed for the Summer-obsessed swimwear enthusiasts who love us for our creative design and bold presentation. Our swimwear brings a mix of luxurious fabrics and stunning designs to create something very special. We believe in quality and detail, but also creating provocatively sexy unique pieces. We design silhouettes with exceptional fit for everyone to exude confidence. Our Skimpys can be worn from daytime to night time, from beach to the city in or out of the water. Wherever you want to stunt. Our flavor is inspired by our L.A. culture and our city that we connect with. With a love for warm nights, sparkling lights, sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, each Skimpy carries a piece of what we love about our all-year-round Summer vibes of the city we live in and how it makes us feel. We create the ideal fit by understanding a womans figure and its different needs in both style and sizing. We have also designed custom signature Skimpy plates that are hand sewn on every single Skimpy to give our suits that extra touch of detail. We have flawlessly developed a look that has set us apart from many and redefined the definition of sexy swimwear. We have created a brand that brings a new sense of excitement to the idea of swimwear. We hope they’ll inspire you to channel your inner sexy and feel your absolute best as you rock your Skimpy with confidence.

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