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Skimpy Swimwear

Night Rider Hi-rise Tanga

$115.00 USD

Just like KITT, this superpowered Hi-rise Tanga is a little sleek and a little sexy. It's waist snatching, long leg extending, booty shaping bottom! Check! Check! and Check!!! This seems a bit cheeky, but it looks amazing on EVERYBOOTY! You're welcome sweetheart! #SkimpySweetheart #SkimpyBaddie

You don't know who KITT is? Google her...she's a Baddie!

  • Luxe Flat Black Lame' Fabric
  • Signature V in front and back
  • Can be worn at the hips or as a high leg
  • Finished with a 14K plated skimpy charm
  • Nylon/Spandex/Polyester

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