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Skimpy Swimwear

Lady of Guadalupe Remix

$195.00 USD

Restocked! The Lady of Guadalupe Remix! You all remember our best seller, The OG "Like a Virgin" Lady of Guadalupe Bikini. Here is the beautiful remix! We all have to have that favorite White Beater Top to wear with everything. This Skimpy Beater cut fits perfectly and has the same stunt factor! Full custom printed Lady of Guadalupe with beautiful bright roses in the clouds. She's stunning! Lux Ribbed fabric with all white ribbed adjustable straps. Fully lined with a white colored breathable quick drying fabric. Finished with 14K plated Skimpy hardware.  

The straps are fully adjustable and is a medium to minimal coverage suit. The bottoms can be worn fully extended or hiked up for minimal tan lines.

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