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Skimpy Swimwear

Cali Palms Signature Bottom

$95.00 USD

Everywhere there’s palm trees is a vacation. The Cali Palms print is one of our favorite prints of this collection.  These suits feature the beautiful palm trees all over California with neon details that remind us of all of the lights that shine at night. Like the perfect Summer night. You know what I’m talking about. The all over feel of this print gives you the vibes of the 80s with a modern silhouette.

We all love a flirty string bottom! Extra skimpy bottom that sits higher on the hips than the last Skimpy Bottom to cinch that waist and elongate those legs. Cali Palms printed fabric lined with quick drying fabric to avoid a soaked up bottom. Cut with the signature Skimpy V cut in the front and the back of the bottoms to stretch out that silhouette. Same ultra thin straps as the top and meant to be worn knotted on each side of the hip to keep that flirty tassel vibe going. No more bows for these Skimpys! 

Finished with Skimpy hardware. Sterling silver Skimpy S cord ends and a sterling silver Skimpy logo charm. 

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